What NHL teams are still in the playoffs 2022?

What NHL teams are still in the playoffs 2022? 

NHL playoff bracket 2022
  • A1. Florida Panthers vs. WC2. Washington Capitals (FLA 4-2) A2. Toronto Maple Leafs vs.
  • A3. Tampa Bay Lightning (TB 4-3)
  • M1. Carolina Hurricanes vs. WC1. Boston Bruins (CAR 4-3) M2.
  • New York Rangers vs. M3. Pittsburgh Penguins (NYR 4-3)

How many teams make the playoffs in the NHL 2021? The next two teams in terms of total points in the conference, regardless of division, earn the wild-card spots. This provides a total of eight teams from each conference. The top seed in each division plays one of the wild-card teams in its conference.

Who will be in the Stanley Cup Finals 2022? 

The Avalanche won the best-of-seven series, four games to two, for their third championship in franchise history. Colorado had home ice advantage in the series with the better regular season record.

2022 Stanley Cup Finals
Captains Tampa Bay: Steven Stamkos Colorado: Gabriel Landeskog

What two teams are in the Stanley Cup? You see, in this heavyweight fight between the Tampa Bay Lightning and Colorado Avalanche, not only is this series set to be exciting, it also will make NHL history! For the first time ever in the NHL, the Stanley Cup Final will feature two teams whose names don’t end with the letter “s”.

What is the schedule for the Stanley Cup Finals?

Stanley Cup Final schedule 2022
Date Game Matchup/Result
Wed., June 15 Game 1 Avalanche 4, Lightning 3 (OT)
Sat., June 18 Game 2 Avalanche 7, Lightning 0
Mon., June 20 Game 3 Lightning 6, Avalanche 2
Wed., June 22 Game 4 Avalanche 3, Lightning 2 (OT)

What teams are in Stanley Cup playoffs?

Stanley Cup Playoffs Bracket: First Round
  • Pittsburgh Penguins vs. New York Islanders (NYI wins 4-2)
  • Washington Capitals vs. Boston Bruins (BOS wins 4-1)
  • New York Islanders vs. Boston Bruins (NYI wins 4-2)
  • Hurricanes vs. Lightning (TB wins 4-1)
  • Canadiens vs. Jets (MTL wins 4-0)
  • Lightning vs.
  • Canadiens vs.

Who has home ice in Stanley Cup Finals?

The winners of these series advance to the Conference Finals and the two Conference Final winners move on to the Stanley Cup Finals. In the first two rounds, the higher-seeded team has home-ice advantage (regardless of point record).

How many teams are in the Stanley Cup playoffs?

As has been the case since 1979-80, 16 teams will qualify for the Stanley Cup Playoffs. The format now is a set bracket that is largely division-based with wild cards.

What Canadian hockey teams are in the playoffs?

The Edmonton Oilers, Calgary Flames and Toronto Maple Leafs are competing in the NHL playoffs this season, bringing renewed optimism one of them will finally end Canada’s 28-year Stanley Cup drought.

How many Canadian teams are left in the Stanley Cup?

This year marks the return of seven Canadian teams to the NHL, and of those seven only one is a definite for the postseason this year, making this potentially the smallest Canadian turnout in the playoffs since 1973, when the Montreal Canadiens were the only Canadian team.

How many teams are left in the playoffs?

Eight teams are left.

Who will Leafs play in first round of playoffs?

The first round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs features 16 teams in eight best-of-7 series, which start Monday. Today, NHL.com previews the Eastern Conference First Round between the Toronto Maple Leafs and Tampa Bay Lightning.

Who put Toronto out of the playoffs?

The Toronto Maple Leafs lost Game 7 on home ice Saturday, 2-1, to the Tampa Bay Lightning. They are now 0-9 in elimination games in their last five playoff appearances.

Who Will Toronto play in the first round of the playoffs 2022?

Even with the abbreviated season, the Maple Leafs still finished with 77 points and were at the top of the North Division when the regular season wrapped up. Toronto would be matched up against the Montreal Canadiens in the opening round of the playoffs after the Canadiens finished fourth in the division.

Will Tampa Bay Lightning make the playoffs?

The Tampa Bay Lightning have clinched a playoff berth with seven games remaining in the regular season following Tuesday night’s victory over the Chicago Blackhawks. When they’ll actually get to play that First Round playoff series remains a bit of a mystery.

Who will the Lightning play in the finals?

The 2022 NHL Eastern Conference finals matchup between the Tampa Bay Lightning and New York Rangers has reached Game 6, with the two-time defending Stanley Cup champion Lightning holding a 3-2 advantage. The Colorado Avalanche await the winner of the series, which could be the Lightning following Saturday night’s game.

Who will the Lightning play in third round?

Tampa Bay Lightning sweep Florida Panthers to reach third round: Never count out the two-time defending champions.

Is Tampa still in playoffs?

The Florida Panthers have been swept out of the NHL postseason, falling 2-0 to host the Tampa Bay Lightning in Game 4 of their second-round Stanley Cup playoff series on Monday.

Is Tampa Bay out of the Stanley Cup?

Tampa Bay won the Cup in 2020 and 2021 but is facing a different road this year. It beat the Dallas Stars in six games in 2020. The Lightning needed only five games in 2021 to top the Montreal Canadiens.

Did the Florida Panthers make the playoffs?

Florida snapped its 26-year playoff series drought with a 4-3 overtime victory over the Washington Capitals in Game 6 Friday night. The Panthers hadn’t won a playoff series since 1996, when they appeared in a Stanley Cup Final.

How are the Tampa Bay Lightning doing in the playoffs?

Finally, after dropping Game 4 during the 2021 Stanley Cup Final, the Lightning earned a 1-0 victory in Game 5 to clinch the Stanley Cup over the Canadiens. Vasilevskiy recorded his fifth-consecutive series-clinching shutout dating back to the 2020 playoffs and was given the Conn Smythe Trophy as playoff MVP.