What is a protected list in NHL?

What is a protected list in NHL? Teams must protect either seven forwards, three defensemen, and one goalie or eight skaters (forwards and defensemen) plus one goalie. Players with no-move clauses must be protected, though a player can waive it and be unprotected if they choose.

Who did NHL teams protect? Each team had the option to protect seven forwards, three defensemen and one goalie, or eight skaters and one goalie. All players with continuing and effective no-movement clauses had to be protected.

Why is Ovechkin not on protected list? The only team that isn’t losing a player is the Vegas Golden Knights, they are exempt from the expansion draft. Alex Ovechkin was left unprotected because he has yet to sign a contract extension and it is highly unlikely the Kraken take him since they would have to negotiate with him first.

Are NHL protection lists public? Starting at 10 AM ET on Sunday, when the NHL will make the protection lists public, the Kraken will have a window to negotiate with and sign any (un)restricted free agents who are unprotected from their 2020-21 team. Though, if they do, that will count as their pick from that player’s 2020-21 club.

Are protected lists made public?

Protected lists will be turned in and made public this weekend, so we’ll know soon enough who the Bruins have chosen to make off-limits. Teams can either protect seven forwards, three defensemen and a goalie or eight total skaters and a goalie.

What is a protected list?

Protected list means the list submitted to the county clerk by the county attorney of certificates of delinquency not eligible for sale pursuant to subsection (10) of Section 9 of this Act; Sample 1.

What time are NHL protected lists released?

Share All sharing options for: Lightning Round: Today is the deadline for submitting protection lists. It’s already July 17, which means that NHL teams are required to submit their protection lists to the NHL for the upcoming Expansion Draft by 5 pm EST.

What time are protected lists due?

Important dates before the 2021 NHL Expansion Draft

Teams are also required to have their protected lists in by 5 p.m. ET to the NHL and NHLPA.

What does a top 10 protected pick mean NHL?

The pick is top-10-protected, meaning the Maple Leafs would keep it if it falls in the top 10 next year and instead give the Hurricanes their first-round pick in the 2021 NHL Draft.

Who is exposed in NHL expansion draft?

Matt Murray understands why the Ottawa Senators left him unprotected in the 2021 NHL Expansion Draft presented by Upper Deck on Wednesday (8 p.m. ET; ESPN2, SN1, SN NOW), his agent told the Ottawa Sun.

Why didn’t the Canadians protect Price?

Following the conclusion of the 2022 season, Price had offseason knee surgery and faced a very uncertain future. The Canadiens chose not to protect Price in the Seattle Kraken expansion draft, but Price’s lofty contract was likely the main reason that the Kraken chose not to select the veteran netminder.

Will Quebec get another NHL team?

No opportunities for return of NHL to Quebec City, commissioner tells government reps. A meeting between Quebec government officials and the National Hockey League on Thursday produced little progress in the Legault government’s hope to see the NHL return to the provincial capital.

Why did Montreal expose Price?

The reasons behind the move according to TSN’s Pierre LeBrun and Sportsnet’s Eric Engels is to allow the Canadiens to protect backup goaltender Jake Allen, while betting that Price’s salary will deter Seattle from claiming him. Confirmed this is the case.

Who did Montreal not protect?

Louis Blues winger Vladimir Tarasenko are not protected. Price started 25 regular season games in the shortened 2021 season and all 22 of the Habs playoff games. Backup Jake Allen started in 27 games in the regular season.

Will prices leave Montreal?

Carey Price will be away from the Montreal Canadiens while voluntarily taking part in the NHL/NHLPA player assistance program. The 34-year-old goalie was not going to be ready to play the season opener at the Toronto Maple Leafs on Oct.

Will Kraken choose Price?

Price agreed to waive his no-move clause to be exposed in the expansion draft for the Kraken after helping the Canadiens advance to the 2021 Stanley Cup Final, when they lost in five games to the Tampa Bay Lightning.

Why didn t Seattle pick Price?

Price was one of the most accomplished players available to be picked, but Seattle instead chose defenseman Cale Fleury as its one player from Montreal. Price had knee surgery two days later, and has a hip injury that will not require surgery.

Why did Kraken not take Price?

Although the Habs exposed the goalie in the NHL expansion draft, the Seattle Kraken decided not to take the veteran netminder. According to Pierre LeBrun — considered by some as the Adrian Wojnarowski of NHL reporting — the Kraken simply did not have enough interest in Price.

Who did the Kraken not pick?

The NHL expansion draft will set the first-ever roster for the Seattle Kraken, but two huge names will not be joining the team.

Who is Seattle Kraken best player?


The Results: McCann currently leads the Kraken in goals (14) and is second in overall points (21). His 1.86 goals per 60 minutes of play (all situations) marks a career high and his 2.78 points per 60 his second best performance in seven years of NHL play.

How many players can Seattle Kraken take from each team?

The Kraken will select one player from each team — excluding Las Vegas — for a total of 30 players.