What are NHL special teams?

What are NHL special teams? Noun. (ice hockey) A group of ice hockey players most often used during power plays consisting of more defensive players than usual on the team that was penalized in hopes of killing the penalty, or more offensive players than usual on the team with the advantage in players to increase the chance of scoring a goal.

What NHL team has the best power-play percentage? 

Top five power plays in NHL finding success for varying reasons
  • Edmonton Oilers (39.6 percent)
  • Nashville Predators (28.9 percent)
  • St. Louis Blues (28 percent)
  • Anaheim Ducks (26.8 percent)
  • Dallas Stars (26.7 percent)

Which NHL team has had the most power plays? 

Colorado Avalanche

What team leads the NHL in power-play goals? The Montreal Canadiens have scored the most power-play goals by a team, with 4,530 scored.

Who is the best defensive team in the NHL?

For NHL purposes the best defence in the league is Florida (6.504 rating) and the worst defence is in Buffalo (6.318). The league average is 6.403.

Who has the most powerplay goals in a season?

Tim Kerr has scored the most power-play goals in a season, with 34 scored in 1985-86.

Who has taken the most shots in NHL history?

Ray Bourque

What’s the longest goal streak in NHL history?

Longest Goal Streaks, Season
  • Punch Broadbent. Ottawa Senators (1917) 1921-22.
  • Joe Malone. Montréal Canadiens. 1917-18.
  • Newsy Lalonde. Montréal Canadiens. 1920-21.
  • Charlie Simmer. Los Angeles Kings.
  • Mario Lemieux. Pittsburgh Penguins.
  • Cy Denneny. Ottawa Senators (1917)
  • Dave Lumley. Edmonton Oilers.
  • Mario Lemieux. Pittsburgh Penguins.

Who has the most penalty shots in NHL history?

Most Penalty Minutes, Career
  • Dave Williams. TOR, VAN, LAK, DET, HFD. 962. 1,155.
  • Dale Hunter. QUE, WSH, COL. 1,407. 1,347.
  • Tie Domi. TOR, NYR, WIN. 1,020. 864.
  • Marty McSorley. PIT, EDM, LAK, NYR, SJS, BOS. 961.
  • Bob Probert. DET, CHI. 935.
  • Rob Ray. BUF, OTT. 900.
  • Craig Berube. PHI, CGY, TOR, WSH, NYI. 1,054.
  • Tim Hunter. CGY, QUE, VAN, SJS. 815.

Who has the most power-play points?

Wayne Gretzky has the most career power-play goals, with 890 points.
Wayne Gretzky 1487 91
Ray Bourque 1612 60
Ron Francis 1731 79
Al MacInnis 1416 44

Who has the most 50 goal seasons?

Wayne Gretzky had nine 50-goal seasons in his career, a record shared with Bossy and Ovechkin. Gretzky has the top two goal-scoring seasons, with 92 in 1981–82 and 87 in 1983–84.

Has any NHL player scored 100 goals in a season?

Possibly the most unbeatable record is Wayne Gretzky’s record for “Most Goals in a Single Season.” Gretzky scored 92 goals in the 1981-82 season, his fourth season with the Edmonton Oilers.

Will Ovechkin pass Gretzky?

If Ovechkin can have another 50 goal season, he could very well pass Gretzky at the end of the 2023-24 season. The Caps enter the 2022-23 season in a unique spot. They should get better if they make the necessary changes. It might also be their last legitimate shot at winning a Cup.

Who was the last NHL player to score 60 goals?

The Maple Leafs star is only the 21st player in NHL history to reach 60 goals in a season, a rarity in today’s game. Stamkos was the last player to do so and that came back in 2012.

Who has the most goals in a single season in Maple Leafs history?

John Tavares 2018-19 47

What are 4 goals in hockey called?

Scoring four goals in a hockey game is much less common than a hat trick. If a player scores four goals in a single game, it is sometimes referred to as a “Texas hat trick.” This term is less commonly used than a hat trick, and its origins are uncertain.

How many times did Gretzky score 60?

Among Gretzky’s five 60-goal seasons, was a blazing run of 323 total goals in a four-season span from 1981-85.

What was the most goals scored in a NHL game?

On March 3, 1920, Montreal smacked the Quebec Bulldogs 16-3. Harry Cameron and Newsy Lalonde each had four goals in the record-setting performance.

What is the fastest hat trick in NHL history?

Penguins. The only player in NHL history to score a faster hat trick on the road was Bill Mosienko, who scored three times in 21 seconds for the Chicago Black Hawks at the New York Rangers on March 23, 1952. Mosienko holds the record for fastest NHL hat trick in any game.

Who scored 7 goals in one match?

The last player in these leagues to score seven goals in a match was László Kubala in 1952 for FC Barcelona.

What is the fastest 3 goals in NHL?

Bill Mosienko of the Chicago Blackhawks holds the record for the fastest three goals by one player; he had a hat trick in 21 seconds against the Rangers on March 23, 1952.

Who scored 10 goals in one hockey game?


24, 1990 against the Pittsburgh Penguins (11-1 W).