Has any NHL team won three championships in a row?

Has any NHL team won three championships in a row? The first club to accomplish the feat was the Toronto Maple Leafs, who won three cups from 1947 through 1947. Their famous rivals, the Montreal Canadiens, then won a three-peat of their own (and then some), winning the championship in 1956, 1957, 1958, 1959, and 1960.

What NHL team won 3 Stanley Cups in a row? 

NHL Consecutive Stanley Cup Wins
Team Years
Detroit 1936-1937 (2), 1954-1955 (2), 1997-1998 (2)
Toronto 1947-1948-1949 (3), 1962-1963-1964 (3)
Philadelphia 1974-1975 (2)
New York** 1980-1981-1982-1983 (4)

Has there ever been a 3 peat in NHL? Maple Leafs 1947, 1948, 1949

The first NHL franchise to ever three-peat as champions was the Maple Leafs in the late ’40s led by coach Hap Day. Led by Syl Apps, Ted Kennedy and Turk Broda in net, the team beat the Canadiens in 1947 before sweeping the Red Wings back-to-back in 1948 and 1949.

Has any NHL team won 5 Stanley Cups in a row? On April 14, 1960, the Montreal Canadiens defeat the Toronto Maple Leafs to win the Stanley Cup for a record fifth year in a row.

Which NHL team won 4 Stanley Cups in a row?

The last team to accomplish the task was the New York Islanders, who won FOUR Stanley Cups in a row between the 1979-80 and 1982-83 seasons. Directly prior to that run, the Montreal Canadiens won four Stanley Cups in a row, as they dominated the league between the 1975-76 and 1978-79.

Has any NHL player won 4 Stanley Cups in a row?

No player has won four Cups in a row, with either one team or multiple teams, in nearly 40 years. The last time it happened was in1983 when the Islanders completed the four-peat, with multiple players on each of those Cup-winning teams.

Has any team won 6 Stanley Cups in a row?

The Original Six is a phrase that all hockey fans know and connote with the Montreal Canadiens, Toronto Maple Leafs, Detroit Red Wings, Boston Bruins, New York Rangers and the Chicago Blackhawks. Of those Original Six teams, only the Canadiens, Leafs and Red Wings have ever won consecutive titles.

What’s the most Stanley Cups won in a row?

The Montreal Canadiens have won the Stanley Cup 24 times, the most of any team. They also won the most in a row: five between 1955-56 and 1959-60.

What’s the most Stanley Cups won in a row by a player?

The most Stanley Cups a player has won in a row is five and there are 11 players that are on that list.

NHL players to win five Stanley Cups in a row.

PLAYER Henri Richard
TEAM Montreal Canadiens
CUPS WON IN A ROW 5 (1956, 1957, 1958, 1959, 1960)