Why are the NHL games being postponed?

Why are the NHL games being postponed? The NHL said the games would be rescheduled for dates later in the season when such restrictions may be eased or lifted. There have been 101 games postponed this season because of issues related to COVID-19.

How many NHL games are postponed? The NHL rescheduled 98 games that were postponed because of COVID-19 on Wednesday. Of those 98, 95 will be made up during the break in the schedule that was initially earmarked for the league’s participation in the Olympics in February. This season, the league has postponed 104 games for COVID-19-related reasons.

Are any NHL games postponed? Makeup dates for Blackhawks-Jets, Stars-Avalanche to be announced. The NHL on Monday postponed three more games because of COVID-19 concerns, bringing the total to 70 this season.

Why was tonight’s NHL game postponed? Six players have tested positive for COVID-19

RALEIGH, NC – The National Hockey League has announced that, as a result of four additional Hurricanes players entering the NHL’s COVID protocols earlier today, the team’s game tonight against the Minnesota Wild will be postponed.

Why is the Bruins game delayed 3/5 22?

The game between the Boston Bruins and Montreal Canadiens at Montreal on Saturday was postponed by the NHL due to COVID-19 concerns.

Why are NHL games postponed until Saturday?

The NHL has postponed 29 games involving 22 teams this season after announcing Saturday that the Boston Bruins and Nashville Predators would be shut down through the NHL holiday break because of COVID-19 concerns.

Are the NHL games Cancelled tonight?

There are no NHL games today. The Colorado Avalanche are Stanley Cup champions, defeating the Tampa Bay Lightning in six games. It concludes the 2022 NHL playoffs and the 2021-’22 NHL season, with focus now shifting towards the offseason.

Why was the Blackhawks game postponed tonight?

The game between the Blackhawks and the Columbus Blue Jackets scheduled for Tuesday, Dec. 28 has been postponed for COVID-related reasons. The NHL announced the postponement on Sunday evening along with other schedule and season adjustments, including the reintroduction of taxi squads and temporary changes to the CBA.

Why was the MN Wild game postponed?

The Wild’s game against the Winnipeg Jets on Jan. 10 has been postponed due to Canadian teams being restricted to 50 percent capacity, as they try to play games with fuller arenas for increased revenue.

Why was Blackhawks game Cancelled?

The NHL on Wednesday postponed the Chicago Blackhawks’ Jan. 18 road game against the Edmonton Oilers, one of three games the league set aside because of attendance restrictions in several Canadian cities due to COVID-19.

Why is the Oilers game postponed?

The league announced in December that its players will not be attending the games in Beijing from Feb. 7-22, because of the pandemic. Eight Oilers games that were postponed in December and January because of a spike in COVID-19 cases have now been jammed into February.

Why are Dallas Stars games postponed?

The National Hockey League announced today that, due to COVID-related issues, the Stars’ next two games (Dec. 29 at Colorado and Dec. 31 vs. Colorado) have been postponed.

Why is the Blackhawks Oilers game postponed?

The postponement is due to current attendance restrictions in Canadian cities including Edmonton and the game will be rescheduled for a new date later in the season.