Who will be the first pick in the 2022 NHL Draft?

Who will be the first pick in the 2022 NHL Draft? Watch as Kent Hughes and the Montreal Canadiens announced that they will take Slovakian left-winger Juraj Slafkovsky with the No. 1 pick in the 2022 NHL Draft.

What is the order of the NHL Draft 2022? 

Round one
# Player NHL Team
1 Juraj Slafkovsky (LW) Montreal Canadiens
2 Simon Nemec (D) New Jersey Devils
3 Logan Cooley (C) Arizona Coyotes
4 Shane Wright (C) Seattle Kraken

How does the NHL Draft order work for playoff teams? How is the Order of the NHL Draft Determined? Each of the 15 teams that missed the Stanley Cup Playoffs (or the teams that have acquired the first-round pick of a non-playoff team) will participate. The odds of each team winning is allocated based on inverse order of the final season standings.

What is the order of the NHL Draft picks? 

Here’s the official order of the 1st Round as of 7/3/22:
  • Montreal Canadiens.
  • New Jersey Devils.
  • Arizona Coyotes.
  • Seattle Kraken.
  • Philadelphia Flyers.
  • Columbus Blue Jackets (CHI Pick)
  • Ottawa Senators.
  • Detroit Red Wings.

Which NHL team has the most draft picks 2022?

All 32 teams will get an opportunity to bolster their prospect pools by selecting eligible players from this year’s class. In total, 225 picks will be made over a span of seven rounds. The Canadiens own the top pick in the draft after finishing last in the league and winning the draft lottery.

Who has first pick in 2023 NHL Draft?

CHI Connor Bedard

What is the 2021 NHL Draft order?

NHL announces complete order of 2021 NHL Draft
  • Round 1. Buffalo. Seattle. Anaheim. New Jersey.
  • Round 2. Buffalo. Anaheim. Seattle. Vegas (from NJD)
  • Round 3. NY Rangers (from BUF) Anaheim. Seattle. New Jersey.
  • Round 4. Buffalo. Anaheim. Seattle. 100.
  • Round 5. 129. New Jersey (from BUF) 130. Anaheim.
  • Round 6. 161. Buffalo. 162. Anaheim.

Why was Gretzky not drafted?

As per the terms of the NHL-WHA merger, Gretzky was to have become eligible for the 1979 draft due to having already played professionally in the WHA. However, Gretzky had a personal services contract with Oilers owner Peter Pocklington. The NHL had originally expected the contract would be voided.

Who got first pick in NHL Draft 2021?

NHL Network studios, Secaucus, New Jersey, U.S. The first three selections were Owen Power going to the Buffalo Sabres, Matty Beniers being selected by the Seattle Kraken, and Mason McTavish being picked by the Anaheim Ducks.

Why did Arizona forfeit their draft pick?

The Coyotes were forced to forfeit their first round pick in the 2021 draft (11th overall) due to violating the NHL’s combine testing policy. The team in the trade also received a 2022 second-round pick, a 2023 seventh-round selection as well as forwards Jay Beagle, Loui Eriksson and Antoine Roussel.

How did the Coyotes cheat?

6, in which testimony was provided by members of the Coyotes organization and the NHL — and the organization acknowledged that it had violated the policy by conducting physical testing on 2020 draft-eligible players prior to the combine — the league announced Aug. 26 the club would have to forfeit draft picks.

Why did the Coyotes lose their pick?

NEW YORK — The NHL on Wednesday stripped the Arizona Coyotes of their 2020 second-round pick and 2021 first-round pick for violating the scouting combine policy by conducting physical tests of draft-eligible players.

What did the Coyotes do to lose their draft pick?

Coyotes Stripped of Multiple Draft Picks for Combine Testing Policy Violation. The NHL announced Wednesday it has stripped the Arizona Coyotes of a second-round pick in the 2020 draft and a first-rounder in 2021 for violating the league’s combine testing policy.

Who did the Arizona Coyotes draft in 2021?

NHL Entry Draft Drafted by Arizona Coyotes
Rnd # Player
1 #9 Dylan Guenther (F)
1 #11 No selection was made
2 #37 Josh Doan (F)

Who did the Coyotes draft?

The Arizona Coyotes selected American forward Logan Cooley with the third overall pick in the 2022 NHL Entry Draft on Thursday. The 18-year-old center is the No. 2 overall North American draft prospect on NHL.com only behind center Shane Wright from Canada, who went No. 4 to the Seattle Kraken.

What is the NHL’s combine testing policy?

The annual NHL Entry Draft combine assessment involves interviews, medical screenings, and fitness tests over a four-day period. All 30 NHL teams send representatives to watch the testing and to take part in the interviewing of the young prospects.

Why did Phoenix Coyotes forfeit?

NEW YORK — The National Hockey League has sanctioned the Arizona Coyotes for violating the NHL’s Combine Testing Policy during the 2019-20 season, directing the forfeiture of the Club’s 2nd-round pick in the 2020 NHL Draft and 1st-round pick in the 2021 NHL Draft.

How much is the bench press at the NHL combine?

Bench Press Reps
Year Best Score
2017 17
2018 8.25 watts/kg
2019 9.42
2022 9.43

How many players go to the NHL combine?

For the first time since 2019, the NHL is hosting an in-person Draft Combine in Buffalo, New York. The event invites 85 draft-eligible players from North America and Europe to take part in fitness testing while meeting with representatives of NHL clubs ahead of July’s NHL Entry Draft.

How much can NHL players bench?

Participants perform the maximum number of bench press movements at 70-80% of their body weight (pre-dertermined) at a set cadence of 25 reps per minute. This test was once used for the NHL combine (they now use a maximum power bench press test).

Who gets invited to NHL draft?

Eligible players

All players who will be 18 years old on or before September 15 and not older than 19 years old before December 31 of the draft year are eligible for selection for that year’s NHL Entry Draft. In addition, non-North American players over the age of 20 are eligible.