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Simon Gagne retires after 14 seasons

Simon Gagne suited up in 23 games with the Boston Bruins last season, scoring three goals. (

Simon Gagne suited up in 23 games with the Boston Bruins last season, scoring three goals. (

Longtime left winger Simon Gagne on Tuesday announced his retirement, after 14 NHL seasons.

Gagne last suited up for the Boston Bruins, scoring three goals and one assist over 23 games in 2014-15. He took a leave of absence from the team in December to be with his father, Pierre, and did not return following his death.

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FTHN Fashion: The jersey stylings in the Pacific Division

As part of a ongoing series, Full Tilt is going to list off the best and worst current NHL Jerseys by each division. Today, we feature the jerseys of the Pacific Division.

Edmonton Oilers 

Connor McDavid (AP Photo/Alan Diaz)

Connor McDavid (AP Photo/Alan Diaz)

This might sound bias as I am an Oilers fan, but the Oilers do have one of the nicer looking jerseys on this list. It’s the retro 80’s throwback that we all know and love. What’s old is new. And the 3rd orange jersey are absolutely beautiful. They pay homage to the early WHA days from the 70’s. Connor McDavid is going to look great in those threads. I know that the Oilers have finished at the bottom almost every season for the past five years, but at least they can be number one at something else for once!

LA Kings

It’s sort of a throwback to the 90’s during the Wayne Gretzky days. They are bringing back the black and silver. The lines make it look less like a practice jersey. I know they were ugly, but if the Kings could bring back the infamous “Burger King” jersey, that would be awesome! But I would stay away from the Stadium Series jerseys from last season. Gross.

San Jose Sharks

The Sharks jerseys have a plain but simpler design. The teal home jersey bring back memories of their first jersey. I did enjoy their previous iteration of their jerseys with the shoulder lining. Apparently the look was considered too “heavy” and the Sharks opted with a more minimalist design.

Vancouver Canucks

Do we really need “Vancouver” on the jerseys? Seriously, any serious hockey fan knows who the Canucks are and having “Vancouver” on the jersey is insulting. The third jersey is a little better but they should bring back the 90’s Pavel Bure jerseys if they want to win people back.

Arizona Coyotes

The new Coyotes jersey are a bit of an upgrade from their last jersey, which was uncreative at best. They do have a Minnesota Wild feel, especially along the sleeves. Although they are trying to be modern, they could have used more traditional stripes.

Calgary Flames

Time to call a spade a spade: the Calgary Flames jersey is awful and looks too busy. Please don’t accuse me of prejudice just because they’re my rivals. The lines ruin jersey. It tries to make the players look like Tron characters. The third jerseys are also awful. Like Vancouver, it just says “Calgary” on them, like we don’t know where they’re from. The design of the third jerseys looks like those cheap rip-off jerseys you can buy at Wal-Mart or Canadian Tire. I’d recommend going retro, but God forbid they want to be like the Oilers and live in the past. I may be in the minority, but the flaming horse jersey was kind of cool.

Anaheim Ducks

Once again, the lines ruin the jersey. Anaheim had decent looking jerseys before. I really don’t know what happened. Even though it had “Anaheim Ducks” on them, the Anaheim part was small and not as blatant as Vancouver or Calgary. The black jersey was a perfect ugly third jersey that could’ve been retired in a few seasons. But no, they’re stuck with them now for at least a few seasons. I’d recommend the Ducks find some way to use their colour scheme and design a retro Mighty Ducks version. That would put them up on the list.

Update: Apparently the Ducks introduced a third jersey featuring the classic logo.


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ASU Sun Devils (

ASU Sun Devils (

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Dilemma in the Desert: The Latest Chapter in the seemingly never-ending saga of the Arizona Coyotes

Gila Arena (KTAR NEWS)

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