More trouble in Pittsburgh as rumors of rift between Lemieux and Crosby had to be addressed

Lemieux and Crosby. Anyone else think this photo is awkward? (Penguins.NHL)

Lemieux and Crosby. Anyone else think this photo is awkward? (Penguins.NHL)

Former Pittsburgh Penguin, Matthew Barnaby claimed today that Sidney Crosby and Mario Lemieux had a “falling out” per several inside sources.

“But the more and more I looked into it, the more I found out, people with the same sentiments that there’s a big falling out between Mario (Lemieux) and (Sidney) Crosby. Now whether that pushes them to move him at some point? Whether he wants to move? That I don’t know, “ he said. – Barnaby was asked if the falling out has to do with Crosby’s contract, the coaching staff, losing, or not winning more than one Stanley Cup. – “I’ve heard over coaching, I’ve heard also after the (2014) playoffs when they lost out,” Barnaby said. “Maybe the personnel isn’t right?”via Puck Daddy

This generated so much noise that Penguins owner, Lemieux took to Twitter to address.

Remember all of this is coming off the heels of another star Penguin’s comments after a loss. Evgeni Malkin was quoted saying:

When asked about what is wrong with the offense he replied, “Everything. We don’t play right, we don’t work hard. I know it’s tough right now. I know we’re mad at each other. We need to stop, look in the mirror, and start working. We’re not working.”

WOW! That’s a huge knock on the coaching staff.

When asked if the Pens can turn it around he dropped this bomb. “Yeah, it’s better for us if we have more confidence, we start to play better. But now we’re really mad at each other, we don’t believe anymore, we’re not happy. But it’s the beginning of the season, it’s a good time to stop and move forward.”

Could big trades be on the horizon in Pittsburgh? Maybe, and they could start with Evgeni Malkin.via FullTilt Rangers

Afterwards, there was damage control by Sidney Crosby and eventually Malkin came out to clarify his comments.

“It’s a little bit not what I want to say,” Malkin told reporters. “It’s not mad at each other. We’re a pretty tight team. It’s not like me and Sid or whoever [are mad at each other]. It’s just the game. We don’t like how we play.”TSN

So is this more spin or is Matthew Barnaby misinformed? What if Barnaby is right? He’s given credible information before so you can’t discount him. All I can say is this, more losses in Pittsburgh will mean changes sooner rather than later.

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