As part of a ongoing series, Full Tilt is going to list off the best and worst NHL Jerseys by each division. Today, we feature the jerseys of the Central Division. Last time, we took a look at the Pacific Division, which can be found here.

Chicago Blackhawks

The Chicago Blackhawks jerseys top the list. This Original Six beauty is probably one of the nicest and most traditional jersey you can have. It has the right amount of striping and one base colour. It is what a hockey jersey should be. Even their third and Winter Classic jerseys are nice too, because we know how those can turn into monstrosities. It’s a must-have for your collection, but I would hold off getting a Patrick Kane jersey.

St. Louis Blues

The current St. Louis Blues jerseys are a great throwback to the early 2000’s. That wasn’t even that long ago and even I’m starting to feel old. They are a much better improvement from previous RBK jerseys that featured my most hated design: VERTICAL LINES. I hope one day, the Blues can bring back their 90’s jersey, which was famously worn by Wayne Gretzky for like two months. But not this one.

Winnipeg Jets

At first, I was a little skeptical of the new Winnipeg Jets design. I really wished that could somehow use the 80’s or 90’s jerseys and colours, but the Phoenix Glendale Arizona Coyotes owns the rights. Since then, the logo and jersey grew on me and I associate it with Winnipeg Jets that we all know and love. The only suggestion I could make is getting a third jersey. Get with the program.

Dallas Stars

I’m going to give the Dallas jersey passing marks. It’s just green, but I think it’s an ode to the old Minnesota North Stars days. It has the simplicity of a hockey jersey with all the lines and piping. The logo almost looks like a Starbucks sign. I can only imagine myself going to Starbucks and having Tyler Seguin take my order for overpriced latte while wearing this jersey. These guys need a new third jersey too. Remember this one?

Colorado Avalanche

The Avs used to have one of the nicest jerseys in the NHL, but then the hippies at RBK ruined decided it was time to ruin the design. This jersey looks too busy. It needs to drop the blue siding and piping. They are also planning to release a new third jersey and of course it looks awful. What’s wrong with going retro to show state pride? When Quebec returns to the NHL (Nordiques?), the Avalanche should give the new franchise back the colour and history. It’s just the right thing to do. Maybe Adidas can come up with something better with ads thrown up all over it.

Minnesota Wild

The Minnesota Wild Home jerseys look like a Christmas costume. It’s like watching Santas elves play on the ice. Do they make toys from their broken sticks too? What I find weird about the Wild’s jersey scheme is that every jersey design is different, there’s no consistency between home, away and third. And the third jersey is just one of those watermark “Minnesota” jerseys with no real design.


Nashville Predators

It should be ILLEGAL for teams to use yellow for a main colour. Imagine you are at a hockey game with your “yellow jersey”. You are walking around with some nachos and drinks, trying to get back to your seats. All of a sudden, you find a nice big salsa stain somewhere on your sleeve or the front of your jersey. Now you have to walk around like that all night with salsa stains. All you want to do is go home and change because you know that nobody is going to talk to “yellow jersey stain guy” at the bar after the game. That’s why you should never get a yellow jersey. I know that this can easily happen with a white jersey, but at least other teams give you an option. This yellow Nashville jersey is a #fail.

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