Arizona Staying Put in Glendale – For Now



The Glendale City Council had a change of heart Friday, deciding to rescind their June 10 ruling, meaning the Coyotes still have a home in Glendale, and don’t have to rush around to find a new one in Arizona, or for that matter in a different state for now

The above tweet should come as a sigh of relief, especially for this fan, who called out Mayor Jerry Weires:

Yet this still is a temporary solution. It cuts down the 15 year agreement, to simply 2 years. Thus continued speculation, and rumors for the Coyotes and their all but expected relocation to continue to heat up and grow.

This does give some time for the Coyotes to find a new home though, plans to add a new arena for the Suns to downtown Phoenix could also include the Coyotes as well to draw to a much busier area, which would make Coyotes fans happy because their team is staying in the desert.

Yet, you have to think, at what cost? Should the Coyotes stay in the desert, or should they relocate to a different area such as Seattle, who is still looking for an NHL franchise after their failed attempt to submit the expansion paperwork.

Yet, Anthony LeBlanc, is dedicated to the City of Glendale, so many something more comes out of this besides just another two years. Fulltilt Hockey Network will keep a close eye on this situation, and will break any additional information regard this, because we all know this is far from over.

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