Wheeling with Wardo: 2015 Playoff Edition

Jason Ward, FTHN (photo: BattalionHockey.com)

Jason Ward, FTHN (photo: BattalionHockey.com)

Here we go again with my predictions for the 2015 Hockey Playoffs.

Eastern Conference

I have 3 teams that I like in the East (Montreal, New York Rangers, Tampa) and funny enough it’s the 3 teams I played on! I would have said two weeks ago that Montreal and the Rangers would meet in the final again, but Ottawa is scaring me as they are the HOTTEST team in the NHL.

Now I’m deciding between Montreal and Tampa to play NYR in the final as I think the Rangers are the team to beat. I will stick with my gut and say the East with be a repeat of last year final with the Rangers making it back to back trips to the Stanley Cup Finals. Go Rangers Go!

Round 1

Montreal over Ottawa in 7 (A great Canadian fought battle)

Tampa Bay over Detroit in 5 (Aging Detroit not the same team anymore)

NYR over Pittsburgh in 4 (Pittsburgh just held on to make playoffs but only to extend season by 4 games)

NYI over Washington in 7 games (Will be the most exciting series in the first round)

Round 2

Montreal over Tampa in 6 (Montreal will lean on Price to extend his great season!)

NYR over NYI in 5 (The series New Yorkers have been waiting for!) 

Round 3

NYR over Montreal in 7 (The rematch of last year with the NYR moving on to the Stanley Cup Finals again!)


Western Conference

The West is filled with all good teams but some with injury questions marks. The Blackhawks are waiting for Kane to be back to continue the winning tradition in Chicago. I would say they are still the favorite in the West.

I think St. Louis is the new San Jose as regular season team and will under preform in playoffs again. I will say the biggest upset will be Winnipeg making it to the Western final before losing to the Chicago.

Round 1

St. Louis over Minnesota in 5 (STL will win one round but will end in the 2nd round)

Chicago over Nashville in 6 (Nashville will put up a fight but not enough to take down Chicago)

Winnipeg over Anaheim in 7 (Winnipeg is playing their best hockey and will upset Anaheim in 7)

Vancouver over Calgary in 4 (Vancouver will take down Calgary in four games)

Round 2

Chicago over St. Louis in 5 (STL just doesn’t have the playoff luck)

Winnipeg over Vancouver in 6 (Winnipeg fans start going crazy!!!)

Round 3

Chicago over Winnipeg in 4 (Winnipeg just can’t keep up with Chicago’s depth)



Chicago over New York Rangers in 6

Chicago will be back on top holding the Stanley Cup but I’m cheering for the NYR to win!!!

Jason Ward

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