Goon: Zac Rinaldo pleased with himself after vicious check to Letang

Zach Rinaldo is pretty happy with his actions (via

Zach Rinaldo is pretty happy with his actions (via

In what seems to be a string of vicious plays in the NHL lately, Zac Rinaldo decided to top them all. Not just with his actions but with his words.

During the first period of last night’s Penguins – Flyers matchup, Zac Rinaldo hit Kris Letang square in the back along the boards. Letang had played the puck out and Rinaldo hit him almost a full two seconds after.

Rinaldo was given a 5 minute major for boarding and was properly thrown out of the game. If that wasn’t ugly enough, his comments afterwards were fairly disturbing.

When asked about the hit, he complained how slowing it down and analyzing every hit is a problem. His feelings are that any hit when slowed down can be criticized. He even admitted that he would be suspended because it was a “star player” and because of his past history”.

Maybe the problem here is that Rinaldo doesn’t think he did anything wrong. He closed out his comments with this gem:

“I changed the whole game man. Fuck, who knows what the game would have been like if I didn’t do what I did?” 

The league’s Department of Player Safety has offered an in-person hearing to Rinaldo with a date and time to be determined. You can expect this suspension to exceed 6 games and if they hear how remorseless he is, they may just throw the book at him and ban for double digit games.

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