NJ Devils coaching situation looks like a recipe for disaster

Adam Oates talks with Jaromir Jagr (NJD)

Adam Oates talks with Jaromir Jagr (NJD)

Yesterday, the NJ Devils announced the firing of Peter Deboer. Today, President and GM, Lou Lamoriello will step behind the bench as a supervisor and allow Adam Oates to handle the forwards and Scott Stevens to run the defense.

Traditionally, your head coach runs the bench and assigns responsibilities to his assistant coaches. In other words, 1 assistant may have the responsibility of running the power play while the other handles penalty killing. Still, the head coach has full control behind the bench and a gameplan that ultimately he decides.

“The decision was made to go forward.” Shawn Roarke of NHL.com quoted Lamoriello. “I tried to come up with, in my opinion, what was the best way to get our team to do certain things and get the most out of personnel we have.”

So will Lou Lamoriello actually be acting as the main man behind the bench or will Stevens and Oates flip a coin before every game?

Adam Oates said that it will be a “collective” process right now. Scott Stevens was forthcoming in his respect for Adam Oates who was head coach in Washington. He believes that together, “We’re going to get this ship righted.”

As for the coaches who were left after Peter DeBoer and Dave Barr were released, Tommy Albelin and Mike Foligno will be in the press box to supply info to the staff below. So will this collection of coaches actually be able to get this team turned around?

If you ask me, it just seems like a disaster waiting to happen.

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