Alex Semin hands down is the worst contract in the NHL

Alex Semin (NHL.Canes)

Alex Semin (NHL.Canes)

One goal in 20 games! Alexander Semin recorded his first goal of the season on December 4th in a 2-1 loss to his former team, Washington. By the way, Alex Semin makes $7,000,000.00 a season.

I chose to write that number out in full because it looks worse that way and if I were the Carolina Hurricanes, I’d beg Gary Bettman and the NHL for a do over.

“We’re very happy to retain Alex,” former GM, Jim Rutherford said. “Alex is an elite player and has been a major contributor to the Hurricanes having a very strong top line.” That was from in March 2013. Last year, Semin had 22 goals and 42 points in 65 games, hardly worth 7 million dollars a season in the eyes of many.

For those of you who may not know, Jim Rutherford was fired this summer and is now in Pittsburgh. While, there are plenty of bad contracts out there, this has to be ranked as one of the worst in the NHL today, if not THE WORST. Below is a comparable list from CapGeek.

Alex Semin comps (CapGeek)

Alex Semin comps (CapGeek)

Now there are some names on there that could join this discussion, but no one on that list has produced so little for so much, as Semin has this year. On the season, he has a grand total of 6 points and a paltry 27 shots on goal, barely over a shot per game.

Carolina head coach, Bill Peters has also healthy scratched him a few times already. “I have the ultimate hammer as the coach, and the hammer is the ice time,” he told Michael Smith back in June. After scratching Semin in late October, it still took him over a month to finally score a goal. The hammer apparently isn’t big enough for Semin.

Alex Semin

Alex Semin

The book was out on Alex Semin when he was in Washington. Pierre McGuire went on TSN to express his thoughts, calling him a terrible teammate. “I’ll tell you that right now, not a good guy to have around your group unless you have unbelievably great leadership and rely on that,” Pierre said. “He’s the ultimate coach killer,” is what he left the TSN audience with.

According to his coach today, here’s what he feels is the problem with Semin:

“He’s not moving his feet. He’s not playing at the pace the league is at. The league is at a good pace,” he explained. “There are guys with track pressure, and there’s no time and space. If you’re not moving your feet, you’re going to get caught from behind, and if you’re going to make a slow-developing play, guys that were open are going to be covered eventually and everything closes off. You’ve got to play quicker.”

This sure sounds a lot like the coach killer Pierre eluded to back in the summer of 2012.

Coach Peters wants Semin to succeed, but he has to put in the work. “We want him to play the game hard, properly and with pace and live up to his ability and his potential. So in order to do that, you’ve got to put the work in and be mentally and physically engaged with what you’re doing.”

Twenty games to score your first goal of the year is certainly not living up to his ability or potential. Even more so, it isn’t living up to his $7,000,000.00 a year salary.

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