Helmet Cams: Gimmick or future of hockey


GoPro and the NHL recently made a deal to use GoPro cameras to show viewers an up close angle they might not normally see, one of an actual on ice player. For now these cameras are worn by the referees.

Right now the footage is used for promos and broadcasters can use it during the games to give the fans a perspective of a particular play or goal. Players haven’t started to wear these cameras probably due to the hits a player takes during a game and the bulky mounts the camera needs.

This new footage has a potential to change sports broadcasting. It brings a new meaning to the instant replay, as there will now be a closer one-ice version to watch. There are so many controversial calls in sports and these cameras could provide an added angle.

Furthermore, Ontario based, HWKI have cameras designed specially for hockey helmets. These cameras will not only change sports broadcasting, but also it can also help players and coaches get more footage to use and learn from. The designers of HWKI wanted to create something that could improve a player’s “hockey IQ” to avoid heady injuries.


The design still needs more adjusting before it becomes a mainstream in sports. It’s a bit clunky to attach to helmets. But these cameras are no gimmick, but rather will soon become a pivotal part of sports broadcasting and player safety.

For the analytics crowd, the site also claims in the near future that software upgrades will also bring in a new era of metrics tracking.

HWKI Metrics

HWKI Metrics

It looks like the future has arrived.

For more, check out their website here.

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