Connor McDavid’s fight and injury sparks social media fire

McDavid just separated himself from Crosby comparison's a bit (Photo Credit:

McDavid just separated himself from Crosby comparison’s a bit (Photo Credit:

Connor McDavid did something his constant comparison Sidney Crosby never did in juniors last night, he stood up for himself. In the course of the fight, McDavid unfortunately fractured his hand is out indefinitely.

The video above shows McDavid having just about of enough of Bryson Cianfrone’s bull. In the freeze frame below, you can see that it was a missed punch that actually broke McDavid’s hand. It appears he caught the glass/board railing to cause the damage.

Moment of impact - McDavid breaks hand.

Moment of impact – McDavid breaks hand.

What ensued last night was epic rants on both sides of the aisle. Let’s begin with my favorite, Paul Bissonnette who is a tough guy, and currently out of a job, in the new friendlier NHL.

Then Paul Bissonnette’s rant hit the mark for me here:

In fairness, why are we not taking what the players say closer to heart? It’s their sport and they should vote as a union with the league what do about it. Also, the league has made strides in protecting the players. From harsher penalties for fighting to mandatory visors for all players coming in, the league is working at it.

Still, the writers were on the attack and on the defensive. Although, trying to tie McDavid’s injury (which he could’ve done blocking a shot or sliding into the boards) seems silly. Writers main arguments connect fighting to head injuries, no head injury occurred here.

Then, this tweet from Adam Proteau expressing it’s really because doctors recommend to take it out.

The real problem is this, while it is very humanitarian to express concern for others well being, we aren’t their parents. These are grown men who are making a decision in the course of a game loaded with contact to handle a situation. I’d rather two guys drop the gloves and fight, then one guy getting so frustrated that he takes a run at the other. I’ve seen all to often guys elbowing, boarding or hitting from behind in retaliation causing the real head injuries in the game. Suspensions be damned – it’s usually a week vacation at best.

Pat Lafontaine’s career ended due to concussions, he wasn’t a fighter. Marc Savard, Mike Richter, Michael Sauer, Eric Lindros are all players who’s careers were cut short due to head injuries, not one of them I recall was sustained because of a fight.

Fighting is declining as more and more coaches deploy players with skill on the ice. The goons are gone and hockey is better for it. Staged fighting is also being frowned upon, but fights will always be a part of the game. Some writers are just going to have to swallow that bitter pill.

As for McDavid, the kid will be fine. Matter of fact, I bet a few of the league’s bottom feeders just got their “toughness” concern answered. Don’t take my word for it – here’s’s Allan Muir:

“You like to see a superstar that’s willing to stand up for himself,” a scout told on Wednesday morning. “This kid takes a ton of abuse, always has, and I guess this time he’d had enough. Sometimes you’ve got to step up. You hate to seem him get hurt in the process … but he showed something out there. A kid like that should be focused on doing other things [like scoring] but you like to see someone can handle himself. I hope [the injury] is not too serious. But no, this won’t hurt [his draft standing] at all. The other way around, if anything. Just one more thing to love about his game.”

To close it out, we go to TSN’s Bob McKenzie who knows the kid well.

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