Satire: Alex Ovechkin meets Brad Pitt, somehow this is important

Ovechkin meets Pitt (RNMB, Photo: Ian Oland)

Ovechkin meets Pitt (RNMB, Photo: Ian Oland)

Mega-Uber-Super-Duper-Movie-Star Brad Pitt was in Washington D.C. to promote his new WWII film FURY. Then two wolds collided when Mega-Uber-Russian-Super-Star-Hockey Player Alex Ovechkin crossed paths on the red carpet.

First off, I am having some fun here, so bring your funny self for the rest of the read. If not,  go back to your Time Magazine and never look back.

In the first photo I saw, I got this impression: “Who are you and what is this hockey you speak of?” from Mr. Pitt.

Brad Pitt meets Alex Ovechkin (Monumental News Network)

Brad Pitt meets Alex Ovechkin (Monumental Network)

Come on, look at the picture! Doesn’t Brad have that “I’m trying to be polite and care” look?

Then comes the next shot where Ovi hands Brad a Caps jersey. I swear it looks like Brad Pitt is trying to determine if its a really big sweater or a throw blanket.

"What's this?" appears to be Mr. Pitt's expression to Ovi (Monumental Network)

“What’s this?” appears to be Mr. Pitt’s expression to Ovi (Monumental Network)

At this point he’s gotta be looking for his publicist! “Ok, ok, get me outta here.”

Evgeny Kuznetsov, Brad Pitt and  Alex Ovechkin (Monumental Network)

Evgeny Kuznetsov, Brad Pitt and Alex Ovechkin (Monumental Network)

In the final shot, It looks like Mr. Pitt is good to go for this photo op. His final thoughts: “Well at least if it gets cold in there, I have this sweet blanket to keep me warm.”

One more parting shot: This Ovi picture from Instagram has me thinking that when Brad Pitt first met him, he thought it was Lou Ferrigno from the 1977’s Incredible Hulk TV show.

Pitt and Ovi via Alex's Instagram

Pitt and Ovi via Alex’s Instagram

Look at the hair, its the same:

The Incredible Hulk 1977

The Incredible Hulk 1977

Alex, its a movie premiere, not going to the supermarket to pick up milk, eggs and bread. Use a comb my man.

All jokes aside, it was a cool night and Brad Pitt even discussed a film opportunity starring Ovechkin. It will be called Ovi’s -35! Think Ocean’s Eleven without Julia Roberts and a cool heist, unless you’re the Caps defense.

Just having some fun guys! Thanks for reading and enjoy your day.

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