Milan Lucic is just crying for anger management classes (Update: Lucic fined 5K)

Milan Lucic taunts MTL fans 10.16.14 (NESN)

Milan Lucic taunts MTL fans 10.16.14 (NESN)

Milan Lucic was at it again last night in Montreal. Listen, it’s hockey and you need to play with an edge – we understand. However, maybe the Canadiens red set off Lucic like a bull in a Spanish arena? You tell me.

Update 10/17/14 12PM

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Late in a one goal game, Lucic took a stupid penalty (I know, it’s a given) as he boarded Alexei Emelin. Expectedly, Milan did not agree with the ref. Then it happened, staring into the Montreal crowd while heading to the sin bin, he made these gestures below.

Now, is he “lifting the Cup” to mock Montreal’s championship drought of 21 years? That is what you notice initially, but look at it again. Just before the arm raise there is a right handed low jerking motion to the fans (21 seconds). According to league sources, that is under review. Of course, after the game Lucic was not available to comment.

Milan Lucic is a mean SOB and a throwback to the 1970’s hockey bully. If he’s on your team, you love him (maybe) – otherwise you hate the guy. But in today’s “kindler and gentler” NHL, he needs to keep it under control.

In the matter of less than a year he’s been involved in a bar altercation in Vancouver, told Dale Weise (who did not play last night for MTL) that he would *$#@ing kill him and now this. Can someone please sign this guy up for some anger management classes!

I know I’m crazy…”Do you know who you’re $#%*ing with?”

Lucic bar fight (NSFW)


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