Another night in the NHL marred by injuries (warning: graphic video)

Pascal Dupuis gives the crowd the thumbs up 10.16.14 (FoxSports Dallas)

Pascal Dupuis gives the crowd the thumbs up 10.16.14 (FoxSports Dallas)

Injuries are part of sports, some are minor, some are major and some gruesome. Last night, Pascal Dupuis and Martin Havlat were the victims of the evil black cloud over the the NHL this season.

Mid-way through the second period, Pittsburgh Penguins forward Pascal Dupuis wound up down in front. It just so happened to coincide with Kris Letang taking a shot that hit him on his exposed neck.

Initially Dupuis was able to get to his knees before collapsing. The good news is that he was able to give the crowd a thumbs up to indicate he was ok while being stretchered off.

Pens coach, mike Johnston gave this update, “He had some numbness in his arm and it was coming back, so that’s a real positive sign, but I haven’t heard anything more.” Get well, Pascal.

Another ugly looking incident took place in the Devils – Caps game with NJ forward, Martin Havlat. Warning: extremely graphic..

Reports were indicating a broken nose thanks to a check by Jason Chimera late in the second period. Havlat face appeared to hit referee, Burchell. However, it clearly looked like the injury was to the mouth area (pause at about .25 seconds).

Regardless, we wish Martin Havlat well and will update you with more when it becomes available.



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