NHL Says No To Ads On Jerseys But Yes To Computer Chips In Them

Qatar Jersey...err, I mean FC Barcelona

Qatar Jersey…err, I mean FC Barcelona

Soccer jerseys are coming! Just not right now.

The NHL has declined putting advertisements on their jerseys and the 120 million dollars worth of revenue it will generate according to a report from TSN.

As per TSN’s source:

“Gary (Bettman) and owners like the money, but they don’t want to be first out of the box with this in North America,” the person told TSN. “They’ll wait for the NBA or baseball to do it and then be second or third.”

Call me a traditionalist but I don’t want to see a big EXXON logo replacing the logo of my favorite team’s jersey. And before you say that it will never happen, here is a photo of an FC Barcelona jersey before 2006.

2005 FC Barcelona Jersey

2005 FC Barcelona Jersey

So while it may not be this year and the NHL may not want to be the first, find me an owner that will take tradition over money and I will sell you the Brooklyn Bridge.


A side note from the TSN article was that the Rangers and a handful of other teams would be wearing player tacking jerseys this season.

Rick Westhead wrote:

The team presidents also heard from several clubs including the New York Rangers who are planning to use jerseys this year that have computer chips built in. The chips will allow teams to more accurately track a player’s speed and movements on the ice for use in advanced statistical analysis.

This is really cool stuff and a topic we have covered before.

The game of hockey is too difficult to breakdown and compartmentalize. Advanced stats gurus are trying though with their fancy spreadsheets and line graphs. This new tech could break the doors wide open and leave many of them in dust.

Between ads on jerseys and computer chip tech on players, the game of hockey is in for a revolution – whether you like it or not.

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