Puck Daddy: John Tortorella Never Lived In Vancouver

Torts directs traffic ((onathan Hayward/Canadian Press))

Torts directs traffic ((onathan Hayward/Canadian Press))

The very talented Harrision Mooney of Yahoo’s Puck Daddy Blog, wrote an interesting piece on John Tortorella. In it he discusses mainly why John Tortorella will be back behind an NHL bench. However, he makes a revelation that Torts never lived in Vancouver.

Before I get into it, never once in the piece does Mr. Mooney say John Tortorella hated Vancouver. This has not stopped people from assuming he did. They do so based on his fiery attitude and ornery demeanor. Instead of rationalizing the fact that his decision may have been based on financial considerations.

John Tortorella is a U.S. citizen and is still subject to paying Uncle Sam even though he may work and live elsewhere. With that in mind, Canada’s Federal Income Tax on John’s salary would have been 29%, plus 16.8% for BC Province. That’s a whopping total of 45.8%! And he may still needs to pay the U.S on top of that.

However, by living in nearby Point Roberts, Washington in the U.S., he only has to pay U.S. Federal Income taxes. That is because Washington has no State Income Tax. We got this from INTUIT TURBO TAX:

A non-resident is usually required to pay Canadian tax only on Canadian sources of income; however, under the income tax treaty between Canada and the U.S., a worker may be exempt from Canadian taxation and may apply for exemption on withholding of tax from Canadian sources.

Granted, I am no tax expert and I understand there is an issue with Double Taxation and/or Foreign Tax Credits etc…

The bottom line is this, by living in Washington, his income tax rate was only 39% in 2013 to the Federal Government. That means he saved almost 7%. When you think of a salary in the millions – that’s a lot of dough.

Listen, it may very well be he wasn’t crazy about Vancouver or living in Canada. The issue is, there really is no hard evidence to prove it. His commute was 45 minutes. How many of you take 45 minutes or more to get to work!

I find it hysterical that Mike Gillis, who likely wasn’t fond of Torts had a bed installed in his office so he could sleep there. John never used it, which was probably a slap in the face to Gillis’ slap to the face.

John Tortorella will be back. Maybe not this season, but most likely the year after. Another team will collapse in the post season (cough cough San Jose), and will come knocking.

Until then, this season will miss an incredible character in the game of hockey.

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