Hockey Movie Face-Off!

Hockey Movie Face-Off!

Russell Crowe knocks out Jean-Claude Van Damme! Mystery, Alaska moves on and so does the FTHN Face-Off! Next up is a powerhouse match up. The inspirational true story of the 1980 U.S. Olympic team, Miracle against the beloved Mighty Ducks.

Both of these films have tons of heart in them and are both made by Disney. Good luck picking from these two.


Miracle vs. The Mighty Ducks

Miracle vs. The Mighty Ducks


Starring: Kurt Russell, Patricia Clarkson, Nathan West

Kurt Russell stars as coach Herb Brooks in a true story of the 1980 U.S. Olympic ice hockey team winning the gold medal by defeating the powerful Soviet Union and Finland teams at Lake Placid. Brooks has had a dream of coaching the U.S. Olympic team ever since he was cut from the 1960 U.S. Olympic team. Brooks’ dream comes true, and he gets the coaching job in 1979. Brooks puts together a team of college kids and begins to get them into shape. Since the Soviet Union is the greatest hockey team in the world, Brooks begins to retrain his team in the European style of playing the game. The Soviet Union team has won four consecutive gold medals and recently defeated a team of National Hockey League all-stars. Brooks said that the all-stars were individual players and not a team. With all his hard training, he finally turns these kids into the U.S. Olympic team, and a family. The team defeats the Soviet Union in the semifinal round by not allowing them a single goal for the last 10 minutes of the game. With the world watching the game on TV, Al Michaels asks his famous question at the end of the game, `Do you believe in miracles? Yes!’ The team still had to play Finland in the final round, which they won.

FTHN: Everytime I watch this I cry! It could very well be the most well made hockey movie ever. Kurt Russell scores a hat-trick as the late Herb Brooks. His passionate recreation of “THE SPEECH” is literally played in every U.S. arena! The film-makers took very few liberties with the story and it is as close to true as can be. BEAUTY!


Starring: Emilio EstevezJoss AcklandLane Smith

Gordon Bombay, a hotshot lawyer, is haunted by memories of his childhood, when, as the star player in his champion hockey team, he lost the winning goal in a shootout, thereby losing the game, and the approval of his coach. After being charged for drunk driving, the court orders him to coach a peewee hockey team, the worst in the league, Gordon is at first very reluctant. However, he eventually gains the respect of the kids and teaches them how to win, gaining a sponsor on the way and giving the team the name of The Ducks. In the finals, they face Gordon’s old team, coached by Gordon’s old coach, giving Gordon a chance to face old ghosts.

FTHN: If you don’t like the Mighty Ducks…you’ve got issues! Emilio Estevez comes off a super jerk to start the movie. By the end, you take the journey to redemption every step of the way and feel happier for doing so. It is a feel good move with a lot heart. Great performances from the kids put this movie high on anyone’s list.


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