FTHN Magazine Hockey Movie Face-Off Winner: SLAP SHOT

Slap Shot's Charlestown Chiefs (google images)

Slap Shot’s Charlestown Chiefs (google images)

Old Time Hockey reigns supreme amongst hockey fans as SLAP SHOT overpowers MIRACLE with more than 80% of the fan votes!

From the opening scene to it’s “revealing” ending, Paul Newman’s SLAP SHOT continues to have a firm jersey hold on the hearts of hockey fans of all ages.

It captures the essence of minor league hockey in the 70’s when brawls were as common as goals. The embodiment of that essence are the Hanson Brothers who steal the show and have become three of the most unforgettable movie characters in history.

The Hanson Brothers in SLAP SHOT

The Hanson Brothers in SLAP SHOT

Doug Tribou of WBUR wrote in his great piece ‘Slap Shot’ Celebrates 35 Years Of Pucks, Punches And Profanity:

In real life, the men who portrayed the Hansons played on the same line for the Johnstown Jets, a minor league hockey team in Pennsylvania. Two of the Hanson brothers are really brothers, Jeff and Steve Carlson. The third Hanson in the movie, Jack Hanson, is played by Dave Hanson. If all of that seems confusing, try asking two of them to introduce themselves during an interview.

Dave Hanson: “I play Jack Hanson, the good-lookin’ and intelligent one of the Hanson brothers.”

Steve Carlson: “I’m the good-lookin’ one of the Hanson brothers.” 

Carlson says screenwriter Nancy Dowd learned about the three players and their antics on and off the ice through her brother Ned Dowd, who also played pro hockey.

“They couldn’t find actors to skate well enough to do our roles and so they approached us and asked us if we wanted to do it ourselves,”  Carlson said. “It took us about five seconds to say, ‘OK fine, we’ll do it.’”

It’s the little things of adding real players and characters that allowed Slap Shot to not only be funny, but real. That’s what continues to strike a chord in the hearts of pure hockey fans today and tomorrow.

Congrats SLAP SHOT on being THE hockey movie of FTHN Magazine!



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