FTHN Interview: Steve Carlson of SLAP SHOT’S Hanson Brothers

Steve Carlson in the middle of the Hanson Brothers (THE CANADIAN PRESS)

Steve Carlson in the middle of the Hanson Brothers (THE CANADIAN PRESS)

Now that the competition is complete and SLAP SHOT has been voted the greatest hockey film of all time by FTHN Magazine readers, we reached out to Steve Carlson who played Hanson Brother, Steve.

FTHN: Congrats on winning the FTHN Movie Face-Off! Slap Shot is a timeless classic and fans of all ages obviously still agree. How does it feel that SLAP SHOT is still considered the best hockey movie ever made?

STEVE: When you have super stars like Newman, Strother Martin and award winning director George Roy Hill and three great looking guys with all the talent in the world, of course it’s the best and it feels great.

FTHN: Why do you think it still stands the test of time?

STEVE: It has everything a man wants- violence, sex, foul language, women like the fashion and glasses…and it’s hockey!

FTHN: What do you remember most about making the film?

STEVE: Not having to work that summer, we didn’t make a lot playing.

FTHN: For the thousands of fans that voted, what would you like to say to them?

STEVE: Our fans are amazing, from the bottom of our hearts we appreciate it and when we come to a city near them we hope they come and see us because they are the reason we keep going and so many charities are funded.  We love meeting and talking to them.  We are trying to stay connected thru social media and love how they know so many lines.

FTHN: Thank you so much for getting behind the contest. We loved every minute of it.

STEVE: It’s an honor

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