Who Shot-Off JR? Roenick Hates Keith Jones!

Roenick is off his rocker.

Roenick is off his rocker.

Jeremy Roenick is a rare breed these days, because he simply doesn’t care. In a recent post game show on NBCSN he walked off the set. One has to ask why?

The internet and the hockey world have been buzzing over the incident, which fortunately for JR has been overshadowed by, you know…hockey! Still, he’s getting some heat, especially from the French in Canada.

Well, good old JR took to twitter just a bit earlier and sent out these tweets:

Keith Jones hasn’t commented to date on the incident, but it makes for some fun next time around. Will JR and Jonesy throw down? Can they make it a 3-Man Elimination Match with Mike Milbury? Geez, we hope so!

We love JR, so we’ll leave you with this great ESPN Top 10!

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