Rumor: Is Ryan Miller On His Way To San Jose?

Ryan Miller is out of STL. (nhl)

Ryan Miller is out of STL. (nhl)

I was happy for goaltender Ryan Miller when he finally got out of purgatory, err I mean Buffalo and was sent to the the St. Louis Blues at this past season’s trade deadline.

However, it appears as though the marriage will be short lived with the news coming out on Monday that the Blues had extended backup goalie Brian Elliot to a 3-year extension and that they plan on not resigning Miller. Instead the Blues claim they’ll be moving forward with Elliot and up-and-comer Jake Allen as their two goalies.

List of UFA goalies this summer (CapGeek)

List of UFA goalies this summer (CapGeek)

First question, do the Blues actually intend on going forward with Elliot and Allen? I mean, I know the first round exit was disappointing and they’ve made mistakes in the past by letting Ben Bishop go, but can they actually compete in the Western Conference and a Cup with Elliot and the unproven Allen? Elliot can be a solid goalie but he’s so streaky and inconsistent he’s never been able to remain “the guy”. As for Allen he’s an intriguing talent who has played well in small doses but can he sustain NHL success?

Personally, I don’t think it’s going to work out too well for the Blues unless Allen comes through and if it were me I would’ve tried to re-sign Miller to a deal, but maybe that’s not what Miller wants. His wife does work out in Hollywood and it’s rumored he’d like to go West so his family can make a home, hard to bemoan a guy for that.

However, if that’s a case where could Miller think he’s going? Anaheim has about 5 goalies and Los Angeles has this guy that’s “okay” named Jonathan Quick. That leaves San Jose who obviously feels they have some question marks in net after the shuffling they did with their goalies during the playoffs. Potentially they could move Antti Niemi for a defensemen or forward and bring on Miller.

Another possible destination is Washington. The Capitals have been struggling for elite goaltending since…Don Beaupre? If they are unable to land Miller, the Caps could set their sites on Jonas Hiller.

That wouldn’t be a bad play for San Jose or Washington, given how desperate they are to win now, it’s definitely a move I could see the either of them pulling.

Time will tell how this all works out for the Blues and Miller but I can honestly say I thought he was going to be in St. Louis a little longer, guess I won’t quit my day job just yet.

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