Philadelphia Flyers Promote Paul Holmgren To President & Ron Hextall To GM


Ron Hextall (left) and Paul Holmgren (right) have a discussion at a recent NHL Entry Draft. Photo credit: Bruce Bennett – AP.

It was only a matter of time in my eyes, but today the Philadelphia Flyers finally announced that they have “promoted” former general manager Paul Holmgren to team president and moved Ron Hextall into Holmgren’s old office as the team’s new GM.

Holmgren had been the GM for 7 seasons and under his watch they made it to the Stanley Cup Finals once and compiled an impressive 286-162-62 record. So, it wasn’t exactly like Holmgren had been doing a terrible job (albeit a questionable one at times), this seems more like team owner Ed Snider wants some new blood in charge and he’s keeping with the current popular trend of putting former players in charge.

[VIDEO: Ron Hextall Press Conference –]

Hextall is no stranger to how NHL front-offices work, he immediately joined the Flyers organization after retiring in 1999 and eventually became an assistant GM out in Los Angeles under Dean Lombardi for the Kings. Last summer however Hextall came back to Philly to take on the same role under Holmgren but the feeling here was that Hextall wouldn’t be second in command for very long.

While Hextall reportedly will be the head man in charge and have final say in all roster related moves, he did say new team president Holmgren will be quite the asset when making decisions. “He’ll be somebody I talk to, bounce ideas off of,” Hextall said of Holmgren. “No different than talking to our professional scouts or amateur scouts about pros or amateurs. Absolutely I’ll bounce ideas off (Holmgren).”

Hextall and company will being looking to improve a Flyers squad that was eliminated in the first round of this years playoffs by the New York Rangers after finishing the regular season 42-30-10.

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